• Connect

    International gateways to a thriving and connected city

  • Transform

    Changing the face of Wolverhampton City Centre

  • Locate

    Creating modern business space for modern business

Public Consultation for the i9 building.

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Interchange images unveiled as station works get underway

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New railway station at the heart of the Interchange and future commercial quarter – view from the railway station up Railway Drive

A canalside vision of the new railway station and future commercial quarter


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The Interchange is vitally important to the city’s economic future.

It will connect, transform & Invest.


Delivering modern transport gateways to the city centre and enhancing our offer as a competitive and accessible investment destination

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Creating a new high quality city centre quarter with attractive new architecture and public spaces.

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An exciting and high class transformation that will make Wolverhampton a hugely desirable destination.

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